Attaa Alzebari

Email: attaa.alzebari [at]

Phone: +49 3641 9 48226
Lab: IOMC, Room 116

Attaa studied chemistry (B.Sc.) at Salahadin University in Erbil-Iraq. He pursued his master's degree at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland, where he joined Professor Piotr Przybisky for his master's thesis project (synthesis of geldanamycin derivatives using click chemistry), and graduated in 2022. Subsequently, he worked as an intern at the IQOG Institute in Madrid on the design and stereoselective synthesis of cyclobutenes guided by Alma Viso. After that, he joined the ChemBio group of Gemma Triola in Barcelona at the IQAC institute where he synthesized small molecules used for characterization of lipid species.  His PhD project is focused on developing novel chemical probes for studying the activity and localization of enzymes from the gut microbiota. His interests outside of the lab include tennis, photography, and cooking.